D-003 Switch Hitting Drill

Guns, Gear & On Target Training

D-005 Bill Drill

with Bill Wilson

D-007 26662 Drill

with Larry Vickers

D-007 Frank Garcia’s Dot Drill

Guns, Gear & On Target Training

D-015 Bill Drill 2

with ADP Marksmanship Team

D-016 4567 Drill


D-017 1-2-R-3 Drill


D-019 Triple Nickel Drill

with Johnathan Kidwell

D-020 El Presidente Drill

Springfield Armory

D-021 10 Round Assault Course Drill


D-022 The Rip Off Drill

with Dave Spaulding

D-024 F.A.S.T. Drill

with Bob Vogel

D-025 Dot Torture


D-028 FBI Qualification

The Professional Prepper 

D-029 15 to the 3rd

with Dave Spaulding

D-030 10-20-30 Drill

with Dave Spaulding

D-034 Super Test Drill

with Earnest Langdon

D-035 The Test Drill

with Earnest Langdon

D-036 Casino Drill

with Tom Givens

D-037 BFM Drill

with Earnest Langdon

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