Trainers We Like (A Lot)

LFDC may or may not be formally affiliated with these trainers.  We just think these guys are great trainers so if you are considering upping your training look at their websites for classes.  They may be in your area or require a trip to visit.  Either way, take a look for yourself.  Keep in mind that these instructors and their organizations often have many great instructors on staff.  These are in no particular order and we will always be adding to this list.

Jacob Paulsen
with Riley Bowman

The online destination for shooting enthusiasts. 

Drew Estell

Baer Solutions

Wayne Dobbs/Darryl Bolke

Hardwired Tactical

Frank Garcia

Universal Shooting Academy

Tom Givens


Dave Spaulding

Handgun Combatives

Shane Cardwell

Impact Shooting Center
with Bo Sobrowsky

Ernest Langdon

Langdon Tactical

Ken Hackathorn & Larry Vickers

AZTEC Training Services

Mike Pannone

CTT Solutions

Jeff Pedro


Steve Hendricks

Custom Tactical Services

Mr. Kelly Venden

Criterion Tactical

Scott Warren

Warren Tactical

Bill Wilson

Wilson Combat


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