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The Study

Looking at practice in a whole new way.
“The Study”

In January 2017, the company conducted a 30 day user study of the Handgun Training Log with 18 participants, of which 5 were trainers and 13 were non-trainers. The positive results were remarkable.

We were astonished at one particular finding.

On page 4, The Study Group, of our 18 participants 83% said becoming a better shooter was important to them.  Of those, 80% said their training regimen was less than effective.  How is that possible?  Click Here and decide for yourself.

Since those early days, we have talked with hundreds of people who have validated this finding.  There is a need to address handgun practice with the same organization, quality of materials, intensity and passion that trainers provide with their training.

This is an opportunity for trainers, ranges and organizations to look at the role of practice and how they can help in new and better ways, to move the customer forward, their business forward and our industry forward.

Live Fire Drill Cards is committed to working with you to do just that. 

For Trainers

You have a passion for what you do. We share that passion.

We have several ways to team up with you to help you provide your client’s unprecedented continuity from training to practice, specifically training the way you do it. We believe that when people get excited about what they learn in training and begin to practice, that they are more likely to improve if they have an effective practice plan.  And if they improve, they are more likely to keep practicing and return to training, your training.

With Live Fire Drill Cards you can extend your training through customizable practice plans that keep your client’s connected all of the time, from training through practice and back to training.  This is especially helpful for Concealed Carry training classes where many people complete the course with limited experience with firearms.  Don’t let them leave without something in their hands to practice. Your clients will never leave training wondering what to practice or how to practice.

Imagine sending an email out each week or month and recommending a drill to practice simply by name and number, without any need to explain the drill!  And knowing your students are practicing the same drill the same way with the same standard.  When they communicate their results, you have a good idea what it means.  It’s that simple and easy to stay connected with your students in a way that essentially extends your training influence into their world of practice.

Our drill cards, handgun training logs and practice plans that you provide will give them the tools to practice the way you taught them. Here are some of the popular options. Of course, we are always interested in hearing about new ideas.  All of these products are available in our store and to you at wholesale prices including our targets. 

Click Here to contact us for more information.

Using Trial Packs with the Refer-a-Friend Discount Offer

For students that do not purchase the log from you during or after class can still try the LFDC system and take something home to practice that builds on what they learned. The Trial Pack contains three drills (selected by you), two log cards, a loadout card and an introduction card.   The Trial Packs are inexpensive enough to be included in the class price, sold or given away. They can be the exact drills you run or similar drills and since it is a small sample of the Handgun Training Log system they will be able to record their performance, experience the system and stay connected with you as their trainer.

Trial Packs are also a great marketing communication tool.  The cards come in a 6″ x 9″ white unsealed envelope.  You and the range may add a label to the front and promotional materials inside prior to presenting them in class. In addition, by using the LFDC Refer-a-Friend system, you can offer each student a 10% discount and Free Shipping on their first order should they decide to order the log (and anything else) later.  And like all referrals that place an order, you receive a $10 store credit to be used on future purchases.

You can provide the discount link in one of two ways, by entering the students’ name and email address directly into the Refer-a-Friend page in MyAccount or just copy and paste the link into an email you create.  This link can be shared on email distribution lists as well.

Using the standard LFDC Handgun Training Log

Wholesale accounts are available to trainers that purchase 12 logs or more per order. The log (LOG-002) has 45 drill cards (45 drills) to choose from that represent a wide range of skills and levels of difficulty.  You can provide this log as part of training or make it available to purchase. From these drills you can select the drills you want that specific student to work on based on the training received and the student’s goals.  You just move the drills from the Spare Drills section and place them in the Active Drills section. You both agree on goals and a return date and that’s it.

Using the customizable LFDC “Build Your Own” Handgun Training Log

This is an option to the standard log. You can create this log with just the drills you want to offer from the entire selection of drill cards (in 5 packs).  Price of the log is based on the number of drill cards added.  If you order 12 logs or more, you can specify any quantity of drill cards for each drill you select.

Using your own custom Handgun Training Log with your drills.

This log, your log with new drills you specify, can be produced by creating drill cards that ill make up the drill cards section of the log. Or they can be a mix of existing drills and the new drills.  With this option, we agree to provide these training logs exclusively to you.  Only individual drill cards will be available in the LFDC store.  For a small additional cost, the binder artwork can be customized to include your logo as well.  This option can be quoted based on your requirements.

Certificate of Achievement

Reinforce hard work that results in a significant achievement. Offer a Certificate of Achievement of a drill that your client shoots to the drill standard.  Not for all drills, but some are worth it because they demonstrate significant skill and results of hard work. Please review the Certificate of Achievement availability in the section below for our thoughts on how to earn and use this fun record to encourage and recognize your clients.  See below for more information on the Certificate of Achievement.

For Local Ranges, Clubs & Organizations

We love what you do from providing training, practice, equipment, comradary and more. We can help you keep them coming back.

Ranges, Clubs and National Organizations Most ranges, clubs and national (.com) organizations have training as part of what they offer members so please take a moment to review the opportunities in the For Trainers section above to see the many products Live fire Drill Cards offers to help you grow your training business specifically. For the very popular Concealed Carry training classes where many people have little experience with firearms and practice, offering a practice curriculum during class can be the difference between a range membership and longtime customer and never seeing them again. If you are a reseller such as a range or a club, with a brick and mortar store or online store, we offer our products at wholesale prices. MAP pricing agreement is required for online sales. In addition to our many products, Live Fire Drill Cards has point-of-purchase aids and activities that can be accessed or purchased to facilitate new sales channels and create fun new events and activities that promote membership and participation. The special products that are focused on helping ranges and clubs are all available in the For Professionals category of our store. Click Here

  • Boost your revenue with LFDC products including drill cards, targets, standard or custom training logs and practice plans. All products are available at wholesale prices. Click Here to contact us.
  • Increase membership, participation, and revenue with additional activities such as Drill Card Night (see below) where you hold a regularly scheduled shoot that includes drills from the Handgun Training Log. Offer our co-branded Certificate of Achievement (see below) for members that shoot the drill standard, especially for very significant achievements.
  • Offer Drill Card – Target combo samples Click Here  for $1 (suggested retail) and display stands Click Here at the counter to draw interest in trying new drills and open up a whole new conversation with your customers about the LFDC method of practice, how they can improve their shooting and the critical role that regular training plays.
  • Increase visits to your facility as customers practice more regularly and benefit from increased training revenue and ancillary store sales.
  • Increase revenue by promoting LFDC to your membership on your website, through social media and email blasts, offering drill cards, training logs and activities that compliment or create special events in your facility.  Printed and electronic advertising content is available upon request.
  • Increase advertising exposure as LFDC will cross promote your business in our Affiliates page. Click Here


Affiliate Organizations

For affiliate organizations (non-profit or for-profit) with no retail outlet, we provide an account and “Refer-a-Friend” link with a Coupon Code to offer on your website that allows your members through your members only page to take advantage of the referral discounts.  In addition, LFDC tracks sales through the link and provides a portion of the sales back to your organization. We also offer products for auctions and raffles. We also welcome the opportunity to cross promote on our website in the Affiliates page. Click Here

For Law Enforcement

First of all, thank you. We would be honored to help you stay sharp or even improve. We know what's at stake.

As a professional, regular training and practice are already an integral part of your life. We can offer drill cards, training logs, practice plans and targets at affordable prices that can easily fit into the department budget.  We offer quantity discounts as well. For more information Click Here to contact us. Take advantage of the training log to record your practices and the loadout cards to record the gear and clothing used in practice, very helpful in tracking performance when you have a variety of gear. Because you are extremely busy and already know exactly what you need to do, we can partner with you to create these advantages using the LFDC system:

  • Improve your practice effectiveness and use of practice time.
  • Keep track of your practices and shooting results like you do in training.
  • Select from a wide variety of drills to work on the skills you choose.
  • Provide the entire department with a single structured system to use together.
  • Save time and money.
  • Have fun staying sharp by practicing the same drills with your team.


Achieve your next level of performance.

Acquire your Certificates of Achievement here.

Have fun becoming a better shooter and document your achievements in your training records for future reference.

How to earn and order a Certificate of Achievement for a drill.

Earn a Live Fire Drill Cards™ Certificate of Achievement for successfully shooting the drills you and your trainer determine take you to the next level of skill and performance.

May be submitted by trainer or student.

  1. Choose one or more drills with your trainer that are appropriate to significantly challenge you and take you to the next level of skill development and performance.
  2. Complete the drill three times in one day meeting all drill requirements as instructed by your trainer. (see Certificate Requirements)
  3. Go to the Live Fire Drill Card store and order a Certificate of Achievement, one for each drill successfully completed.
  4. Scan or attach a photo of the drill card(s) to an email using the same email address as the order. Include your name and the name of your trainer and the trainer credentials. (If a different email is used to send the information, reference the order number and email you used for the order.)

Click Here to Order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.  When you receive your certificate, have your trainer sign it.

Certificate Requirements
  • The drill card must be completely filled out to show how the drill was shot. All information must be legible. Include your name (or moniker) to be used on the certificate.
  • The three runs submitted must be circled or identified, must meet the drill performance requirements on the drill card and be completed on the same day (but not consecutively).
  • The trainer must print name, sign and note credentials anywhere on the front of the card. (There are no specific credential requirements, but the credentials submitted will appear on the certificate.)


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