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The Study

What we found and why it’s important.  We now look at practice in a whole new way. Here’s why.

In January 2017, the company conducted a 30 day user study of the Handgun Training Log with 18 participants, of which 5 were trainers and 13 were non-trainers. The positive results were remarkable.

We were astonished at one particular finding.

On page 4, The Study Group, of our 18 participants 83% said becoming a better shooter was important to them.  Of those, 80% said their training regimen was less than effective.

How is that possible?  Click Here and decide for yourself. Since those early days, we have talked with hundreds of people who have validated this finding.

There is an opportunity to address handgun practice with the same organization, quality of materials, intensity and passion that trainers provide with their training. This opportunity extends to all trainers, ranges and organizations to look at the role of practice and how they can help in new and better ways, to move the customer forward, their business forward and our industry forward.

Live Fire Drill Cards is committed to working with you and providing you with the practice tools to do just that.  


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