*NEW! TTP-001 Trainer Trial Pack (each)


Don’t let your students leave class without something to practice.  If they don’t buy a Training Log then the Trial Pack is a great option. Enter your three preferred drills in the field below with your order.

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No student should leave class empty handed!

With Trial Packs they won’t. Impact their practice experience like never before.


Trainers – Consider providing these Trial Packs at the completion of every concealed carry class or any training class. Here’s why.

These drill card Trial Packs offer a perfect transition from training to practice especially after concealed carry class.  Just choose 3 drills from the 45 drill card selection that build on the practice objectives of that specific training class.  Trail Packs drills can be tailored to each class. Each pack contains a sample of the Live Fire Drill Card system including an Introduction Card, 3 Drill Cards, 1 Loadout Card and 2 Log cards.  Your student can practice and record their results for the three drills, complete the loadout card for the handgun used and make log entries using the log cards.

Making Handgun Training Logs available during or after class is the best option. But if you make the training logs available or not, this is a great way for your students to try things out if they don’t buy a log.  We offer wholesale pricing to trainers on Handgun Training Logs if you want to provide them to your students directly during or after class.

Here’s how it works!

These sample packs are inexpensive enough to offer for sale or as a free give-away at the end of class.

  • First, offer your students the Handgun Training Log at a discount off retail for taking the class. We suggest offering a slightly larger discount then they will receive using the link (on the front of the envelope) to encourage them to buy one before they leave.
  • For those that don’t purchase the log, just provide a Trial Pack to each with your account link.  The link is shown on the Trial Pack envelope and you complete the link by adding your code.  Your link will let them buy the Training Log at a 10% discount with free shipping at a later date.  When they do, you will receive the standard $10 store credit for each initial purchase by each student that will show up in your account in Refer-a-Friend.

The Introduction Card in each Trial Pack explains what the student needs to do to purchase a log later using your link.  The envelope has plenty of room inside for additional promotional materials about future training opportunities.

Don’t let your students leave training without something to practice so they will improve, get excited about improving and return to you for more training. You will also find your students will enjoy having a defined practice activity to engage in after class and it provides the perfect reason to keep in touch.


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