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Our drill cards and training logs help people become better handgun shooters.  Please lake a look.



Convenient range bag size training logs contain a full selection of Live Fire Drill Cards™ to get you started quickly and accelerate your shooting improvement.  There are currently three training logs to choose from and an expansion pack to take your log from 30 drills to 45.   All training logs include, drill cards, log cards, loadout cards and instruction cards.  The Handgun Training Logs are a complete training system.  When purchased in combination with the complete target set, they are the best value and the very best way to start.


Fun and popular drills are instantly available to learn and shoot with our amazing selection of drill cards with drills that offer a challenge for all skill levels. Get your favorite drills individually or as a set included with each training log. All drills incorporate the exclusive LFDC Absolute Accuracy Rating system (AAR) for drills. 15 new drills have recently been added so please take a look at all 45 drills.


All targets to shoot LFDC drills are available in the store.  All small format targets developed by LFDC can be downloaded and printed on your home computer, see Resources & Tools.  Some drills use large format targets that are too large to print but can also be purchased in the store. Complete target sets for each log are also available allowing you to practice immediately and shoot each drill in your log several times.


Live Fire Drill Cards and USCCA have partnered to bring you Concealed Carry Magazine Drill of the Month 

This Month: Shoot D-017 1-2-R-3 drill using target T-010. 

Get the original Handgun Training Log that includes the complete system with 30 drills now and receive a bonus selection of six targets to shoot.

Get the Drill of the Month drill card with two targets for $4.99 including shipping.

BURNETT Live Fire Drill Cards™ is a professional handgun training curriculum company. Our products help people become better shooters. Fun and standardized drill cards provide a convenient training curriculum for all skill levels, and promotes practice consistency for improved shooting performance.

We offer wholesale pricing to trainers, ranges, clubs and businesses. Please contact us for a wholesale price list.


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