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Never leave the range again wondering if you’ve improved.

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If step one was getting your concealed carry license, congratulations and great job.

We would like to help with step two.

Practice with Live Fire Drill Cards and become an awesome shot.

LFDC is featuring Drill of the Month in USCCA Concealed Carry magazine, currently drill D-006 Reload drill designed by Todd Louis Green.

Just released! 15 new drills, an expanded 45 drill training log and a new "Build Your Own" training log.

Sold nationally with customers in 49 states.

BURNETT Live Fire Drill Cards™ has the tools to help you effectively practice what you’ve learned in training. Or to just have some plain old fun shooting.

Either way, we believe it shouldn’t take all day to figure out what to practice and get ready.  Most people are busy. Our training logs and targets allow busy people to spend their limited time practicing at the range not searching for drills. Our practice tools include;

  • Our drill cards provides a fast, convenient way to choose and shoot drills that match your goals and track your performance. Drill cards are great for dry fire practice as well.
  • Our loadout cards provide a way to keep track of what you use to shoot so you know what affects your performance.
  • Our log cards provide a way to capture a record of everything you do so you always have the big picture.
  • And we also have targets for every drill so you can shoot the drills as designed.

Practice your way with our tools and become the best shot in your group.

Safe Always – Accuracy First



Two training logs are now available!  Choose the new expanded log (LOG-002) with the complete selection of all 45 drills.  Or “Build Your Own” log (LOG-003C) and add any combination of 5-packs of drill cards to customize it for your specific training goals. Choose either one and start improving now.


Fifteen new drills are now available!  Now choose from 45 drills available in convenient 5-packs.  Just buy your favorite drills or add more drill cards to your log. Each card has one drill and is easy to read.  Track performance on the front, learn the drill on the back.


All targets to shoot all 45 LFDC drills are available in the store.  Buy small packs of targets to shoot your favorite drills or a complete target set to shoot every drill in your training log.

You shouldn't have to spend your free time researching drills. Spend your time shooting.

Rekindle your passion for bullseyes!
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