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The Latest from LFDC events:

We’re out and about, and want you to know what we’re up to! 

The Well Armed Woman Chapter Meeting, July 2019

Check out the blog post for more on this meeting! 

NRA National Convention 2019

We had a great time, and got to meet some wonderful people

USCCA Expo 2019

Practice to Prevail Highlighted Drill Video:

D-056 | Shooting Standard Drill
by Drew Estell

Video by
Baer Solutions
Drew Estell

OOPS! Bloopers from You:

A big part of practice is learning from your mistakes – and sometimes those mistakes end up caught on camera! Live Fire Drill Cards is going to be featuring blooper videos, submitted by you, to remind everyone that PRACTICE makes PERFECT. Which means… messing up a time or two. If we choose your video to feature, you’ll be sent a set of drill cards to add to your log.

Want your video FEATURED?

Just submit your video for us to consider! You can email them to, or provide us with a link by submitting on our contact form! If your video is selected, you’ll receive…

Prioritize Practice

Taking the time in your week to schedule practice sessions goes a long way in ensuring your practice habits are sound!

Check in with your Trainer

Practice isn’t going to help you without making sure that you’re practicing to ingrain the proper technique – check in with your trainer to make sure that your technique is on point. 

See Results

The best part of the LFDC system (and of practicing in general) is seeing your progress – the log allows you to track it flawlessly, so you can see your results in real time!

“And, every course tells them at the end to “Practice, Train.” But the question is “How?” However, few options exist to structure their training. Your system provides such a framework for all these situations. Your system allows documentation of the range time both statistically with the Drill Card and subjectively with the Training Log where they can sum up the experience in their own words.”

J. Frank Mayer

Professional Trainer

“…I have invested thousands of dollars over the years on firearms, shooting accessories, range memberships, and ammo. The Live Fire Drill Cards are by far the best investment I’ve made that help me best utilize of all of those resources. Most important of all, using this system is helping to make me a better shooter.”

James D

Student & LFDC Customer

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