Helping the Well Armed Woman Practice to Prevail

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The Well Armed Woman

Last Tuesday I had the honor and fun of visiting one of the meetings at Ready Line Range in Newtown, Ohio (which is a really nice range by the way). A few months back, Liz and Joe, who lead the local chapter of The Well Armed Woman (see chapters HERE), had stopped by at the NRA annual meeting to say hi. They mentioned that they use and love LFDC drill cards for the practice session part of each class at the range. Because they are not far from our headquarters, they wondered if I would come talk at one of their meetings, to review using the products and some general Q&A about practicing. I said absolutely, I would be glad to.

When I arrived at the chapter meeting, there were about a dozen ladies present. First, we talked about their common goals, such as learning more about carrying – then moved on to discussing becoming a better shot and how to improve their practice. The drill that night was D-042 Emergency Reloads Drill by Tim Lau. I started the discussion with an introduction to the Training Log system and went through the use of the drill cards to make a practice plan for the range that is quick and productive (For more information on this for yourself, check out our How-To page!). After that, we went to questions which was by far the most interesting and insightful part, at least for me.

There was a wide range of experience represented, but most had started carrying recently and were really trying to figure things out.

During the meeting, we discussed:
  • How important is it to regularly go to the range?
  • Why is it important to keep a practice log?
  • How many drills should I practice each time?
  • What if I don’t have the specific target that a drill calls out?
  • How long should I practice a drill?
  • How do I figure out what drills to practice?
  • What is a split and what do you need to measure it?

Of course, I did my best to provide things they should consider as each question came up. In addition, I emphasized the accuracy first approach in practice. And last but not least, I underscored the importance of a professional trainer in teaching the proper techniques to practice. As I wrapped up I remember thinking to myself, what a courageous group. Not just for taking personal responsibility to protect themselves and their families, but to be willing to ask whatever questions are necessary to become knowledgeable and proficient. This means that above all, if it becomes necessary act, they’ll have the best possible chance to prevail.

Thank you Liz and Joe and all of the ladies of The Well Armed Woman who I met that night for reminding me why I love what I do and why it matters.


Are you ready to Practice to Prevail? See the LFDC Log on the Well Armed Woman's site!


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