D-036 Casino Drill (5 pack) by Tom Givens


Track your performance 7 times on each drill card.

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Casino Drill by Tom Givens, Rangemaster (Feb 2017)

The Rangemaster “Casino Drill”

In an actual defensive shooting, there will be skills involved besides shooting skills. The shooter will be tasked with target identification, target discrimination andtarget assessment, and these will all be changing and evolving continually throughout the incident. To help the shooter become accustomed to processing information at the same time he is running the motor program for shooting, we developed the “Casino Drill”.

Drill Instructions Below

  • DT-2A target, available from Action Targets (see photo)
  • Three magazines
  • 21 rds of ammunition

This drill tests a rapid presentation from the concealed holster; fast, accurate shooting on multiple targets; two empty gun reloads on the clock; target identification ; and keeping up with changing circumstances; all under time pressure. Fired at 5 yards, starting with the pistol in the holster, concealed or in a secured police duty rig.

Shooter begins with 7 rds loaded in the handgun, handgun holstered concealed. Shooter will have two spare magazines, loaded with 7 rds each.

On signal, the shooter will draw and engage target #1 with 1 round, target #2 with 2 rds, target #3 with 3 rounds, target #4 with 4 rds, target #5 with 5 rds, and target #6 with 6 rds.  Twice, the shooter will have to reload an empty gun and remember to finish up the required shots on the target before moving on to the next one.

Par time for this drill is 21 seconds, with ALL hits inside the numbered targets, and no procedural errors (right number of shots on each target, targets shot in numerical sequence).

7,7,7 rounds  total is 21  hence the name “The Casino Drill”.

To run this as a scored competition, fastest total time wins. Add one second for EACH shot that misses a numbered target and one second for each procedural error.

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