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DRILL CREDIT: Ken Hackathorn

SCORING: This is a time scored drill. A miss is a shot out of the scoring zone , head or chest. Touching the line is a hit. Penalty: Add 1 sec penalty per miss.

PERFORMANCE STANDARD: Drill standard is 15 scoring hits out of 15 shots in 20 seconds scored using a rating system. RATINGS: (N)ovice (more than 17 sec) (I)ntermediate (17 sec or less) (A)dvanced (14 sec or less) (E)xpert (11 sec or less).

SHOOTING THE DRILL: Start with 8 rounds in the gun and 7 rounds in a spare magazine. Helps develop quick follow up shots, quick reloading and quick movement between targets. NOTE: Drill is a combination of the Bill Drill, Fast Drill and Mozambique drill shot in that order. (Alternate Targets T-008, T-009, T-019, T-022)


I  7 yards Strong
Two-Hand Grip
15 With 8 rounds in magazine, at start, draw using strong two-hand grip and fire 6 rounds into the center target chest area (Bill Drill).  Swing to the left target fire two rounds to the head, perform slidelock reload then fire 4 more rounds into the chest (Fast Drill).  Swing to the right target and fire 2 rounds to the chest and 1 to the head (Mozambique Drill). Record

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 x .04 in
Range Compatible

Absolute Accuracy Rating


Shooting Distance

Rounds Required

Drill Scoring Method

Shooter Movement

Stationary shooter


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