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SCORING: Scoring zones are each colored shape. A miss is a shot out of the scoring zone or a shot after PAR. Touching the line is a hit.

PERFORMANCE STANDARD: Drill standard is 21 scoring hits out of 21 shots in 21 seconds par. (Time is kept for perfect score but some run this drill using a penalty for misses for a scored time result.)

SHOOTING THE DRILL: Concentrate on trigger control, counting and awareness of slidelock. To increase reload skill and drill difficulty level, load the three magazines with 6, 7 and 8 rounds and then mix them up before charging your gun.


I 7 yards Strong
Two-Hand Grip
21 Start with three magazines with 7 rounds each.  At start, fire 21 rounds at target using the following sequence with slidelock reload as required.  Shoot the #1 once, the #2 twice, the #3 three times, the #4 four times, the #5 five times and the #6 six times.  You will need to reload after the first shot on the 4 and after the fourth shot on the 5. 21 Sec

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 x .04 in
Range Compatible

Absolute Accuracy Rating

, ,

Shooting Distance

Rounds Required

Drill Scoring Method

Shooter Movement

Stationary shooter


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