LTS-002 Complete Target Set to Shoot all 45 Drills in Training Log LOG-002 (Log not included) 111 Total Targets


This is the 111 target set that allows you to shoot all 45 drills several times that are included in the expanded handgun training log LOG-002.

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Add this complete set of 111 targets with the expanded Handgun Training Log LOG-002 (not included) to get you started quickly so you can shoot all 45 drills (D-001 to D-045) in the training log.  Enough targets to shoot drills several times with a minimum of 4 targets each.

You don’t have to spend time looking for targets or buying more than you need.

For more information on the training log, please review product LOG-002 Handgun Training Log.

The following targets are included.  For more information see the full line of targets available in the Store.

Target No. Size Quantity
T-000 Letter 5
T-002 Letter 6
T-003 Letter 5
T-005 Letter 5
T-006 Letter 5
T-008 Letter 6
T-010 Letter 5
T-011 Letter 5
T-013 Letter 5
T-015 Letter 5
T-016 Legal 7
T-018 Letter 5
T-021 23″ x 35″ IPSC 12
T-022 23″ x 35″ IDPA 9
T-023 23″ x 35″ QIT-99 5
T-024 24.5″ x 40″ Transtar II 6
T-025 21″ x 24″ NRA B8 5
T-026 23″ x 35″ SEB 5
T-027 23″ x 35″ Discretionary Command 5
Total 111

Additional information

Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 x 6.25 x 1.5 in
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