*NEW HGC-001 Dave Spaulding’s Practice Pack (Log available separately.)


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Enjoy this Practice Pack collaboration between Handgun Combatives and Live Fire Drill Cards. Use Dave’s training approach with the LFDC practice system.

This exclusive Handgun Combatives Practice Pack showcase the 10 drills that reinforce the many skills that Dave trains you on throughout his unique and popular class series.

Take Dave’s training classes and practice what you learn in training. Or try the drills out in advance before attending his training.

With either approach, you get the benefit of Dave’s 36 years of law enforcement experience and combat focused training.

Dave says the best use of drills is to practice them to identify the skills you need to work on next. Work on them and come back to the drill.

If you have a LFDC Training Log already and want to practice the skills in these drills, just remove the current drill cards and place this pack in Spare Drills. Move the skill card and drills you are actively working on to the Active Drills section.

If you do not have a LFDC Training Log yet, consider buying one to keep the pack in and to take advantage of the entire LFDC practice system.

The Handgun Combatives Practice Pack includes these cards:

  • (2) Introduction and Drill List
  • (10) Sets of a Skill Card with three Drill Cards – 40 cards
  • (3) Loadout Cards
  • (10) Log Cards
  • (1) LFDC Pen

Practice with a purpose, the way you’ve been trained, from where you are, in the time you have.

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Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × .5 in


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