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This is a completed Certificate of Achievement for a person and a specific drill and is mailed to the person or trainer submitting the request.

Have fun becoming a better shooter and document your achievements in your training records for future reference.

How to earn and order a completed Certificate of Achievement for a drill.

Earn a Live Fire Drill Cards™ Certificate of Achievement for successfully shooting the drills you and your trainer determine take you to the next level of skill and performance.

May be submitted by trainer or student.

  1. Choose one or more drills with your trainer that are appropriate to significantly challenge you and take you to the next level of skill development and performance.
  2. Complete the drill three times in one day meeting the drill standard and all requirements as instructed by your trainer.
  3. Purchase from your Trainer or go to the Live Fire Drill Cards store and order one for each drill successfully completed.
  4. See requirements to obtain a Certificate of Achievement below.

When you receive your certificate, have the person that verified your drill results sign it.

Requirements to be Awarded a Certificate of Achievement

The drill must be shot to standard twice on one day and verified in one of three ways.

  1. Shoot the drill with your Trainer and obtain a Certificate of Achievement from your Trainer.
  2. Shoot the drill with your Trainer and your Trainer may obtain a Certificate of Achievement from LFDC by email.
  3. Shoot the drill and submit continuous videos of each run to LFDC with verification by one witness by name.

For all submissions to LFDC

  • All requirements to meet the drill standard must be evident for all requests to LFDC.
  • For requests through Trainers, only the trainers’ name and credentials are required as verification. (No specific credentials are required).
  • Clear evidence is required to confirm the drill standard was met including correct distance, timer results, score, target selection and other parameters.  Evidence of being shot three times on one day will rely on the person verifying the drill.
  • The drill name and number, shooters name and date completed is required.
  • For video submissions, each video must be continuous for entire drill including shots of the timer as needed, without going out of frame.


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