*NEW! C-009S Personal Best Cards (1 set plus Instruction Card) for Drills D-001 to D-050 Add-in Cards


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Personal bests are always fun to track!  What is the best you’ve ever done?

This set includes all current drills with an instruction card and the set updated as new drills are released.

Personal Best Cards allow you to track the best you have shot each drill and move through the seven levels of performance from PL-1 to PL-7.  In fact, per the Live Fire Drill Cards challenge guidelines, you can track it three times which demonstrates ability with consistency.

For each card (with 5 drills) choose the start position and loadout that the results will represent.  Within your current abilities, shoot the drill at a distance and track time (if appropriate) to establish an initial personal best.  Notice that the performance levels always start with accuracy only for PL-1, PL-2 and PL-3 then typically maintains the accuracy standard through the higher performance levels as time improves.

PL-6 is typically the performance standard for the drill as designed. PL-7 typically exceeds the performance standard for the drill.

The performance standard is also indicated by a larger font for yardage, and color that extends through all PL levels.  The grey shaded boxes indicate performance that exceeds the standard, so it includes faster time and also the same times at longer distances.

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