Practice Tools to help you Carry and Prevail™

Shoot • Measure • Improve

With our Training Log and Drill Cards you will…  Never leave the range again wondering if you’ve improved.™

BURNETT Live Fire Drill Cards™ provides practice tools in the form of our uniquely designed drill cards in our three-part practice system that allows the measurement of shooting performance and the retention of results.

Our products are used by:

Students and Trainers  •  Church Safety Teams  •  Ranges and Clubs  •  Law Enforcement

For Students

  • Short on time? Use the 45 drills in the Training Log to quickly create a practice that fits your schedule. Shoot – Measure – Improve.
  • Wonder how good you really are? Track your performance so you always stay sharp and know exactly where you stand on drills and skills. Then check with your trainer for the real answer!
  • Need proof of what you’ve done? Log all of your concealed carry activities so you can always refer back or provide proof.

Never leave the range again wondering if you’ve improved.™


For Trainers

  • Ever imagine how to grow by differentiating your training from all the others? Use Drill Cards to create and offer your own custom practice packs that extend your training class into your students’ world of practice. You can create anything you can imagine and make money selling it.
  • Rather be training than creating class curriculum? Use the extensive LFDC drill library to do this in minutes. Create and change your curriculum by simply referencing drills you need, all with clear instructions and performance standards.
  • Wonder what happens when students leave class with nothing in their hands? Use Trial Packs and Drill Cards to give for your students’ drills to take home to practice, then stay connected and bring them back. You pick the drills.

The end of training doesn’t have to be the end of training.


For Teams

  • Need to keep your team on the same page for practice requirements? Use the Training Log to select drills, track performance and record practice time for the entire team.
  • Wonder what drills to choose to create a practice plan to get your team to the next level?  Drill cards provide a wide selection of drills with clear performance measurements that can be recorded by date and initialed. Your Trainer can recommend drills to practice and then review individual results.

With LFDC and your Trainer, you never have to wonder how your team is doing.

What our customers are saying about us!

“And, every course tells them at the end to “Practice, Train.” But the question is “How?” However, few options exist to structure their training. Your system provides such a framework for all these situations. Your system allows documentation of the range time both statistically with the Drill Card and subjectively with the Training Log where they can sum up the experience in their own words.”

J. Frank Mayer 

Professional Firearms Trainer

Never leave the range again wondering if you've improved!
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